Brothers & Sisters

Help us to Help you

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Our bodysuits have been designed with many needs taken into consideration. However we want to continue to design garments and products that can help all children with all needs, in order to do this WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please let us know of any needs your child has so that we can always consider these when designing our  products.

Desperately seeking inspiration!

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After being launched into a pretty difficult and sad world I wanted to surround my family with as much beauty and positivity as possible . This ran through not only daily life and experiences but also aesthetics. As my beautiful boy grew bigger it was harder to find clothing and products that were inspiring but also practical. I was left feeling thoroughly depressed by the shopping experiences available. So I decided to start designing some products that felt inspirational and looked great, brothers & sisters was born! It was my first time ever designing anything and it took a lot of hard work but I can honestly say that it really has been an uplifting and positive experience. I have been able to create something positive not only for my son but lots of other children and thats a good feeling!

Our wonderful bodysuits

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Our first thoughts were literally to create a larger bodysuit as my son no longer fitted into 3-4 yr, which is when all stores stop making them. But then we realised that there are many additional needs that need to be considered! Firstly, many of our children are tube fed so it is important that their pegs can be accessed. After much designing we came up with a fantastic design that would not only allow this but do it discreetly. Our bodysuits look like regular T-shirts from the front but are in fact all in ones. We also know that some children have bigger heads or simply hate having things pulled over their head so we added poppers to the shoulders to create easy access. We also became aware that some children have very sensitive skin or SPD (sensory processing disorder) so we ensured that all the seams are flat and that there are no labels - all care instruction are printed directly onto the fabric. Needless to say we wanted to source the best quality cotton so found 100% Organic soft cotton, all fabrics and manufacturing are sourced in Europe. Oh and for a little bit of fun, the prints on the front are made from a felt fabric to add a multi sensory feel, we are very proud of our product and hope you enjoy it!